For his last four albums we have been running Robin Trower’s Youtube channel. This has involved a close relationship with the artist, producer and band, allowing us to film the recording process in the studio and document the creative process. For his 2015 album ‘Something’s About to Change’ we created a psychedelic promo video, as well as lots of other interview footage around the album.

As a guitarist a lot of his fans are fascinated by how he creates his sounds, so videos such as this Guitar Pedal effects set up are very popular:

We produced a series of animations using archive material for songs from Robin’s 2013 album ‘Roots and Branches’ as Robin was not available to be filmed in person:

For Robin Trower’s ‘Playful Heart’ album in 2010 we produced a series of interviews around his songwriting, band and tour:

We’ve even been able to persuade Robin to do some demos of the new songs in the studio: